Groove Music default player not respected

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Groove Music is my default MP3 player in Windows 10 and when I choose "Play" from File Explorer, that is the app that is used. However in Mp3Tag, Play of the same Mp3 file(s) uses Windows Media Player. How do I get it to go to the default app Groove Music instead? I have VLC set up in Tools and would be fine with that option if there is advice on configuring it that way.

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The icon of the files list should show which program is taken for the function "Play" in the context menu.
In Tools>Options>Tools you can set a special program that is executed when double clicking.

The icon of the files list should show the Groove Music program is taken for the function "Play" in the context menu, as I expect.

This only works if I choose "Play" on individual files. If I select multiple files and choose "Play" they are launched in Windows Medial Player.

I only have VLC configured in Tools>Options>Tools. Is there any advice on configuring Groove Music for tools. Since it is a Microsoft Marketplace app and not a stand-alone executable like an EXE, it is not straightforward. If anyone else has done it I would like to hear how. Here is a thread about the difficulties of command line execution of Groove Music.

You may also check which application opens playlists (m3u).
I don't even know if you can open more than one file at a time like that.

That's it. m3u was associate with WMP and when I associated it with Groove Music it worked as expected. Thanks!

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