Groove Music Web Source

I've been using Florian & David Reid's edit of the old Zune Marketplace source for years since Zune's death to keep my mp3 library in good shape.

It seems it's finally obsolete two generations later because if you followed Zune the timeline since it's death has been:

Zune -> Xbox Music and now it's called "Groove Music" today. Either way I like having a library in unison. I miss having my Groove Source and I'd like to have it back.

I've attached both files which I hope would allow someone to edit and or provide assistance so that I may edit it to be functional again. Thanks!

Zune_Marketplace_Album.src (2.09 KB)

Zune_Marketplace_Compilation_Album.src (2.27 KB)

Very good, working fine :smiley: