Grouping Action Groups???

I'm a long time Mp3tag user and fan. I have a TON of actions. I've stumbled across this a couple time and hadn't really explored it much, but thought I'd tap into the collective genius of the forums.

If you create an Action Group with a name like
"Comment - #Add Something"
it doesn't show up as you'd expect in the "Actions" menu...what does show up is:
"Comment - " and selecting/hovering over that item in the menu, then displays a cascaded sub-menu with "Add Something" listed.

If you create another Action Group with a name of:
"Comment - #Add Something Else"
The cascaded sub-menu will now show both "Add Something" and "Add Something Else" listed.

In this way you get Actions menu items like this

  • Comment -
    1. Add Something
    2. Add Something Else

I'm not sure if this is a hidden feature or a bug - I can't find any mention of it in the documentation or forums...but maybe I'm not using the right search terms.

If this is a feature, I'd love to understand it a bit better before I make major changes to my Action Groups (like I said, I have lots). And I don't want to get nailed by a bug fix later if I purposefully use this hidden gem (if it's really a bug).

Has anyone explored this before? Is it documented?

What is a little odd, is that if you go to the "Action Groups" dialog via Actions > Actions (or Alt-6), that DOESN'T show any hierarchy of things are a bit inconsistent.

Note: in my tagging, I used #XX in the Comments field to note the chart position of a track. I only track BB Hot 100...not all the possible charts. That's how I happened to stumble upon the strange behavior you get when you use the hash (#).

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, e.g. in 2011.