Grouping MTA (Action Files) Together in UI

Hello all, first off I have been using mp3tag for years and I love it so thank you for an amazing program.

Over the years I've written many actions (the majority of which are no longer valid or have been condensed) and I've stumbled on something. When I tag classical music I wrap the artist name with Z#[ ] so if it gets mixed with non classical music in any archive the artists/composers are not mixed. So Beethoven Beatles Britten, etc. would not have to rely on genre, grouping or whatever soley they could be grouped. I'm sure this is a non issue on most platforms but in itunes, plex, etc. it's convenient to do it this way.

So I wrote an action Artist Z# Remove and created the action and it displayed with a tree in the UI. I've duplicated this (see second attachment with Old lol and lol 2 by naming the groupings old # lol and old # lol2 respectively. I realize I can use utiliities but the action list overflows. I have not seen a way to do this from the UI other than the way I stumbled upon it so perhaps I'm missing something.

Went into appdata actions folder and renamed them manually (see 3rd attachment)

I realize I should have done this on creation of these actions but I never thought i'd have so many and I largely ignored utils but as stated actions will eventually overflow to the point where clicking the action group icon in the ui auto selects (sometimes) the action that happens to overflow it. Also not all actions apply to all situations so it's very hard for me to create the same action sequence over and over again.

What have I stumbled upon, and can this be done from the UI? THanks again.!

Edit: I'm uploading attachments to a service as new accounts have an upload limit.

You can group actions if you use a common prefix, then the character # and then the individual name, e.g.

You can create a hotkey character when you insert an ampersand & in front of a character, e.g.

Alt-A-G-R should call the action for Rock.

You can rename action groups in the list of actions.

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Sure but I don't see the ability to rename an existing action (aside from manually editing the file as mentioned.)

Open the list of actions (Alt-6)
Select the action group that you want to rename.
Press F2 to enter the edit mode.
Enter a new name.
Press Enter.

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Ah, the simple f2 command. I'm sorry for having wasted time here (feels silly).

Thanks for the quick reply buddy!

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Just for completeness (and no need to feel silly):

It's also possible to rename action groups via delayed double-click (click - pause - click) on the action group name.

Or to use a right mouse click and select "Rename".

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Totally forgot that I've also added a context-menu there :sunglasses: