Guess Value %_folderpath%

I am using folder structure to tag a few fields ( Artist, year, album, genre) running an action like this:

Guess Values "%_folderpath%": %dummy%\\%dummy%\\%dummy%\\%dummy%\\%genre%\\%artist% - %year% - %album%\\%dummy%

then an other action to create new directory based on tags:

Format Values "_DIRECTORY": E:\-= Music Disk =-\Music\-= Tag Ready =-\\%genre%\\%artist%\\%year% - %album%

Both are working as expected when I run them separately. BUT if I run then together in a group then the new directories are created normally, with all the files in their places, but ONLY the first file in each album are tagged.

It seems that the files are moved before getting tagged, but I can't find a way to fix it.

Thanks for your help.

I think I have read somewhere in the forum that such an action has to be carried out separately that renames a folder...
So there is probably no way to really fix it but to separate the actions.
I do not know whether having the actions in separate action groups would help.

No it won't help. I tried in separate or same action groups. As long as they run together, it is not working well.
in fact, I can run these actions with multiple other actions, even action that tag fields, without problem. It is just when these particular two actions run together that stop working.
for example this is working well together:

Format Value "Genre": Hard Rock

I have build up a test folder with folder and files and an actiongroup ...
and tried to understand what is going on there, ... (4.89 KB)
... but I got no insight yet, who knows, maybe the summer temperature is too hot.


I forgot to say, that the offered test case behaves as it has been wanted and described by the open poster, without any error state, so far as I can tell.

DD.20170622.2000.CEST (4.89 KB)

This is driving me nuts... I know i could use the actions menu to run the "guess values" action alone then run the action groups to get it done. but no .... <_<

Probably you have to select all the files which should be treated, not only the very first one, prior to the call of the actiongroup.

Within the given test MTA file, in action [#1] within the new folderpath, you have to adapt the drive letter to your needs.


Well, I wish I would have been that dumb to select only the first files of each folder loaded in mp3tag, but it wasn't the case, I did select all the files before calling the actiongroup.

In fact it looks like mp3tag run the Guess Values "%_folderpath%" action on the first file, then call the Format Values "_DIRECTORY": action on this first file, but since this action move ALL the files (selected or not) to the new folder, when it goes to the second file, the folder is not even existing anymore, so mp3tag goes to the next folder, tag the first file, call FV _DIRECTORY and so on..

I think it doesnt work because the folder structure are different from before and after tagging, if that make any sens...

Yep it's working by making sure the folder structure are the same :smiley:

Guess Values "%_folderpath%": %dummy%\\%dummy%\\%dummy%\\%dummy%\\%genre%\\%artist%\\%year% - %album%\\%dummy%
Format Values "_DIRECTORY": E:\-= Music Disk =-\Music\-= Tag Ready =-\\%genre%\\%artist%\\%year% - %album%

and NOT
Guess Values "%_folderpath%": %dummy%\%dummy%\%dummy%\%dummy%\%genre%\%artist% - %year% - %album%\%dummy%

Good to know that it was a self-made problem by yourself, ...
and the given test zip package works correctly.


I don't think I've created any problem, I just found a way to run 2 specific actions together by changing the data of the problem.

I had files in a folder structure like c:\Music...\Genre\Artist - Year - Album..
and wanted to use this structure to tag Genre, Artist,Year and Album and then create new and different folder structure like c:\Music...\Genre\Artist\Year - Album... to move the tagged files into.

For now I only made it work if the 2 folders structures are the same.

I still don't get why it's not working properly (folders are created, files are moved, but only first song of each album is tagged)

I guess ohrenkino was right, maybe the two actions needs to be called separately, but I still don't understand why.