guess values from directory

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I love using mp3tag and really dig into forums before i post here

I have directory/folders like these (YEAR) Album name (1986) Reign In Blood

I don't have the date/tyear tagged in my i would like to use the value (YEAR) without paranthesis from the directory and write it to mp3's year/date field..

guess values
%_directory% :huh:

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Action "Format value" ... or ... Convert "Tag-Tag" Field: YEAR Formatstring: $regexp(%_directory%,'^\((\d{4})\).*$','$1') Test: '(1234) Test' ==> '1234'

... or ...

Action "Guess values"
Source format ..: %_directory%
Guessing pattern: (%YEAR%) %DUMMY%


Thank you very much :slight_smile: