Guess values missing from actions?

As I moved to Mac, trying to switch over to Mp3Tag MacOS native version.
To achieve that, I started manually migrating all my Actions over from Windows version (there is no possibility to import these) and stumbled onto an serious blocker.
Looks like MacOS versions lacks "Guess values" action, which pretty much means I cannot switch.

Are there any plans to add this, or I am completely out of luck :roll_eyes:

See the documentation on Mac MP3tag:

I think that action is now called "Import tag fields".

I don't think so, or at least it does not seem to work same way.

For example, I have action in Mp3Tag:

Source Format: %ARTIST%$regexp(%TITLE%,'^(.+?)\s+[[({<]?\s*(?:featuring|feat\.?|ft\.?)\s*([^])}>]+)[])}>]?(.*)$',' feat. $2$3+++$1',1)
Guessing Pattern: %ARTIST%+++%TITLE%

And it works fine in Windows version, using "Guess values"
Now tried your suggestion @ohrenkino and used it with "import tag fields" action and it does not seem to work at all. :frowning:

Perhaps you use a small test case to see whether the basic functionality is there and then you debug the more complex expression that you used in windows and transferred to the Mac.

Good hint, meanwhile I tried something which I also often use (with "Guess values"):

Source Format: %_directory%
Formatstring: %albumartist% - %album%

It did not work either...


Can't tell as I don't know which data can be found in %_directory%.

Ok, disregard my comment...last one did work, after I renamed Folder to "test1 - test2" (apparently I had excess space in the fodler name, which I did not notice)
Now wondering, why Regex is not...

You can test the regular expression in Converter>tag-Tag

Result is:

Invalid regular expression: ^(.+?)\s+[[({<]?\s*(?:featuring|feat\.?|ft\.?)\s*([^])}>]+)[])}>]?(.*)$

Which is interesting as same regex works fine on Windows version.

Is this a different topic now?

I think we clearified that the function of the Windows "Guess values" action is also available in the Mac version as "Import tag fields" action.

IMHO, not entirely.
As apparently, functionality is not quite 1:1 (regex handling).
But you are right, its is now more about general Regex handling in MacOS, rather than missing action.
Fair enough, will spawn an separate thread.

Anyway, thank you for the help.

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