Handling of Dupes in Export


I am using these Export-Scripts
which are based on dano's originally scripts
and I made some smaller formating changes by myself.

I've got a large amount of MP3s, that I still have to look over.
They are sorted and named:
\%artist%\%album%\%artist% - %title%
In these folders I still keep a lot of duplicate MP3s. The filenames are unique (addding a number in brackets after the title), the tags are not.
I want to keep the duplicates as long as I have not looked over them to decide, which of the duplicates are the best.

Is it it possible to handle these duplicates in a way that they appear only once in the export-list?
At the moment the scripts for instance lists 8 MP3s with the same title, if there are 8 Files with that title.

Well ... if the Mp3tag export scripting language would allow it, then a simple if-then-continue statement could handle this task, skipping over a filename that do not match the rule ...
If (filename looks like ...) then continue loop
... but there is no continue or breakout available, so you have to work out an if-then-else construct, which can do similar processing.

Better you use a filter match to preselect all those files that you are willing to be reported.


How can the filename, which should be reported, to be distincted from the other filenames, which should be suppressed?