Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2024

Today, I’m writing to thank you for being part of the Mp3tag Community!

I’ve very much enjoyed the countless interactions via email or here on the community forums with you and loved every minute of working on Mp3tag over the past year. It’s my hope you’ve enjoyed using it too.

Mp3tag for Windows

I’ve released a total of 5 major versions of Mp3tag for Windows in 2023 (not counting the maintenance releases and beta versions). From the features that I've worked on this year, my personal favorites are:

Tag Panel Field Sizes and Checkbox Fields
The Tag Panel now supports checkbox fields and has new field sizes, allowing you to choose from Full, Larger, Large, Medium, Small, Smaller, and Tiny. This makes it possible to pack a lot of information in the available space and to make this area of Mp3tag even more personal and fitting to your needs.

Configuration Settings for Tag Sources
This feature was a huge undertaking. It allows Tag Sources Developers to define configuration settings for their Tag Sources, which, in turn, are used by Mp3tag to both generate a configuration dialog and in the Tag Source itself. This means no more manual editing of Tag Sources, which was both tedious to keep updated and prone to errors.

Redo and Repeat
The wish for a Redo feature to allow for redoing the last undone operation was almost as old as Mp3tag's support for Undo and I finally tackled it this year. It can prove helpful if you need to inspect and compare the effects of specific operations or when you simply realize that the thing you’ve just undid was exactly what you wanted.
Repeat allows you to repeat the last action or action group, providing a convenient way to apply the last used action to a new set of files.

Two other significant projects included modernizing various dialogs including a larger default font and implementing the ability to import and export custom list values.

Mp3tag for Mac

I’ve released a total of 20 major and incremental versions of Mp3tag for Mac in 2023. From the features that I've worked on this year, my personal favorites are:

Navigating from Extended Tags
Until I added navigation to Extended Tags, it proved to be quite cumbersome to go from the current to the next file. You had to close the window, select the next file, and re-open it. Direct navigation from Extended Tags simplifies the task of inspecting or updating a sequence of files, where each file needs to be treated individually.

Configuration Settings for Tag Sources
Yes, it's the same favorite I also have with the Windows version above. Both versions have support for Tag Sources, so I needed to develop and release all new capabilities on Windows and Mac in parallel — looking back, it shaped my summer.

Copying and Moving Files
This new feature made file management from within Mp3tag much easier. It comes with support for undo and features advanced error handling, by allowing to stop, skip, or replace on errors with the option to apply the chosen option to all files.

Your Support

I’m very grateful for all of you who supported me and my project through a donation or by buying a license for Mp3tag for Mac. Your contributions enable me to continue dedicating time to Mp3tag and keeping it evolving. It's heartening to see how meaningful and personal your music and video libraries, or podcast and audiobook archives, are to you. Knowing that my work adds value to many of you brings me immense joy. Thank you wholeheartedly for your invaluable support! :orange_heart:

Our Community

Thanks a lot to the regulars on this forum (@ohrenkino, @LyricsLover, @MotleyG, @poster, @Doug_Mackie, @ryerman) and all the other members who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with other members. A community of any kind is nothing without its people and I'm filled with gratitude and pride that you are part of it.

That’s it for this year! I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas (if you're celebrating), joy and warmth this holiday season, and a healthy and inspiring New Year 2024. :sparkles:

Thank you for reading, your interest, and your support.

See you next year! Until then, enjoy and take care
— Florian