Has anyone found a good way to automatically update genre fields when artist/album/title is well tagged?

I've been manually setting Genre tags and while I have a system, it isn't awesome. It is also time consuming, and easy to make mistakes like typos.

I am curious if there is software which can look at my files, look up the track with the provided tags for artist etc., and then find and apply the correct genre tag.

I realize the correct genre is subjective, but any consistent system might be better than what I have now.

If you have had a good experience with software that does this, I would love to hear about it.

Some of the web sources has the genres tags.

These two issues you can easily avert by using actions with predefined names of genres

And then you can make an additional cleaning action that will sort in a specific order your data in your genre tag field, i.e. place them in an [predefined] alphabetical order - thus allowing you to add multiple genres to one file without taking care of the order, because it will be sorted out later on

Those are good points and I should set up those tools, that will make life easier.

The larger issue that I would like automated help with is genre lookups. Is a track Techno, House, Tech House.... ? Being able to grab just genres for tons of tracks at once from a trustworthy source would be so helpful.

However as all such sources are ultimately community driven, a "trustworthy" source with clean data may not even exist. In my own tags, I don't want to see "Tech House" and "Tech-House," you know? We're all here because we like tidy metadata, haha. So the ideal tool would ingest genres per track, and somehow map them to my list of allowed genres with specific spellings. Such a tool may not exist.

Such tool would have to take into account all version from all used sources and possible typos - and the translate them [i.e. rename] to your naming system

So it seems that you will have to do this by hand, with only some of the process being automated. And them to be sure you will tp recheck your [data] choices. And the again. Because with thousands of files and hours of work you will make mistakes

You can write such a "tool" yourself with an action of the type "Format value" for GENRE
Format string: $replace(%genre%,Tech-House,Tech-House,Hip Hop, Hip-Hop,....)
(where the .... stands for other pairs)