have a question about Taging some music

I find my Music open up the MP3Tag program but when i open up the folder to select the songs it shows no songs at all & it did not do that last time i used this program what is going on.
Also i have another question what do you do when you goto tag source & it does not find the album you are trying to tag.

1: Sounds like the filter is on. Press F3.

2: find the website it's hosted and download a script file for it if available here.

what do you mean download a script file if available here?

The Windows system dialogue to select folders does not display any files, only folders.

Here mine for beatport with instructions: /t/12568/1
There are others iTunes, discogs etc

Did you solve question 1?

i Hit F3 & all it did was flash the program nothing else & when i went in the album again it sill did not show any music tracks just an empty folder.
i don't understand how to get the script is there easier way that is to complicated for me to understand how to do that

Did the search bar come up or disappear. Keep pressing F3 and you will see the user interface of mp3tag change. What you want is the filter to be off and not show up.

I don't quite fully understand your problem. Can you post a screenshot of your screen? Or explain in detail what you're doing or trying to do?

It All depends in the genre of music. My script deals with electronic music. But just download the zip file at the top of the link I posted in my previous reply and unzip its contents. I describe step-by-step on that same link how to install and use it. It's quite simple really.

You are not understand what I am talking about with Part 1 what I am saying is that when you open a folder with the MP3Tag Program where they are at in the computer it shows no file names at all.
How will your script that is electronic music help me when it has nothing to do with my music at all because my music is Christian Music only

Have your read post #4?
You will never see any individual files unless you d&d them from the explorer directly into MP3tag.

Stevehero is right by mentioning the F3/filter function as it was not quite clear whether you refer to the actual process of selecting or how the result is displayed in MP3tag.
So it could be that after you have selected a folder and you do not see any files but you know that there must be some, then it could be that a filter from a previous session is still active and which could then filter out all files as they do not match the criteria. The files list in MP3tag would appear empty then.

ok but that still doesn't explain when you goto tag a source & you don't see the album name what are you post to do then

It is not quite clear to me what you mean.
Where should the album name be?
When you use a tag source then usually you see the search criteria.
If the search in that tag source has a hit then you will see it.
If the tag source hasn't you would have to search somewhere else or enter the information manually.
In addition to the default web source scripts you can download others. You find them in this forum in

If you have a genre of music like Christian there's bound to be specific websites that deal with that so search scripts in the search box of this forum for those. If they're not available, you're out of luck as writing them properly takes lots of time and lots if patience. Sorry I can't be more of a help to you than that.

What I am saying is the source was Amazon.com & it had a list of album names but the one I was trying to tag was the same name as the bands name & it didn't list that one at all but when you search Amazon.com it find the album anybody explain why that is

That's the way it is - but in the dialogue where the script shows you the name of the album you may add the band name so that the hits may be narrowed down to that.

it list albums by the artist but it doesn't list the album by Audio Adrenaline & title of album Audio Adrenaline that is not showing up at all & I did an Amazon search & it came up with the Album & I did select the band name & it didn't narrow it down to that album that album was not listed at all

Try the direct by URL method if it's available for the scripts you have (it will bypass the search page and bring you to the tag information window, if not private message dano on here and might be able to provide one for you.

Things that you can try to find the album:

  • Just enter the ASIN of the album in the search (B000005KV9 in your case). This should always work with amazon.
  • Add the release year of the album to the search term
  • Use a different source like Musicbrainz