have i shafted my mp3s with this ??



I have been blissfully tagging my mp3 collection so to imbed the album covers into the file so stupid itunes doesnt produce a cover for each track on the album..i have just noticed that i have some tracks have been named wrong !!...i assumed when i found the correct cover and track listing from musicbrainz etc it would notice the names of the files and add the appropriate tag info..the track listing it gets from music brainz does not correspond to the order of the tracks to my local view..i didnt think i had to physically move each track to a certain position.

Example..'jamiroquai - emergency on planet earth' has been named to 'when you gonna learn' but when i play it in media player it displays the tune as 'emergency on planet earth' which is correct.

so is there a way to reset the information and do it again as the media player is getting the correct track info from somewhere ?? i dont want to create more mess !



If you are saying that your TAGS are still correct, but somehow your filenames have been changed, you can use CONVERT > tag - filename option to create new filenames from the tag info. Or if your filename is right but tags are wrong, you can go in the opposite direction. obviously, test on a few things before doing a batch renaming of everything....