Having a problem with filter - %title% MATCHES "(?-i)(^|)\b\l+\b"

For some time I have been using the filter:
%title% MATCHES "(?-i)(^|)\b\l+\b"
To look for words in a title that do not begin with a capital.
Up until V3.19 its seemed to work fine and only present what I was looking for ie words not beginning with a capital.
Now at v3.19 and v3.20 it presents tracks that are seemingly ok except a word may have an apostrophy in a word eg She's or Don't etc. are listed as a "mistake".
Is it just me or are others having the same issue?

What about
%title% MATCHES "(?-i)(^|\s)\l+\b"

(I think that the apostrophe is also always a problem in the $caps() function or case conversion actions when it is considered a word boundary.

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