Having problems deleting

Holding down alt/option to delete file, I get this error:
"couldn’t be moved to the trash because you don’t have permission to access it."
Click ok, doesn't delete/move file to trash.
I have given mp3tag full disk access, what gives?

Does this happen on a local file or on an external file system (if so, which)?

How did you load the file: as part of a folder, as individual file, via drag and drop?

External hard drive formatted to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Full read & Write for my account and staff, everyone is read only.

Loaded as part of a folder.

I suspect macOS sandboxing at work. Can you try the following:

  1. Open Mp3tag and load the root folder of the external drive. You don't have to wait if all files are loaded, you can also cancel the operation once the progress sheet is appearing.
  2. Load the files in question and try deleting.

A lot more on the drive than just my music folder. Mostly music related, Pro Tools, Maschine, etc.
So I can cancel the progress bar/window once it starts, don’t have to let it fully load?

The latter, as I've said:

I did some further research on this issue and it seems like deleting files is failing if nothing has been previously deleted for the external file system.

This has the result that there doesn't exist an dedicated .Trashes directory in the root of the file system and the file cannot be moved accordingly.

If you delete something via Finder it should create the appropriate hidden folder (it also has the ID of your user account as subfolder) and deleting via Mp3tag should work too.

All of this is just a working theory after hours of testing :smiley: So it would be great if you could try and share your findings.

Will test later when I get home. I have deleted/moved to trash from the external hdd before.

Well I did both, deleted from external using finder (have done it in the past), started to load whole external drive. Worked, was able to delete in MP3Tag.
Now the question is...do I have to do this everytime I shutdown/restart?

Looks like this behavior resets itself on every power up/restart. Not too big of a deal, but is this something that is going to be worked on?

I think it would only reset itself if you somehow delete Mp3tag's settings, where it stores a security-scoped bookmark that is needed for sandboxed access to the files on the external disc.

Another option where it looses previous access is, if you rename the external drive to something different than before.

How would I somehow delete settings? I just close Mp3tag when I'm done.
I never disconnect the external drive, it mount at boot.
Something is going on???

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