Having problems with Convert Filename - Tag

Hello all. I'm having a problem with Convert > Filename - Tag.

I'm using D:\MP3\%artistname%\%albumname%\%trackname% and the preview appears to work as I get a long list of appropriate tags that I want to use. For example...

"D:\MP3\Lynyrd Skynyrd\Gimme Back My Bullets\Cry for the Bad Man.mp3" ->
artistname: Lynyrd Skynyrd
albumname: Gimme Back My Bullets
trackname: Cry for the Bad Man

Now when I click ok, it goes through the selected tracks saying "Tag derived for 8 of 8 files", but it doesn't actually change the tags. Am I missing something somewhere?

Ok figured it out, I was using a syntax I had found in another forum post that was wrong. Changed it to work, so now it's D:\MP3\%artist%\%album%\%title% and working just fine!

It might have been worthwhile to consult the help and its list of supported fields and their internal names:

Also, you will find now user-defined fields in the files that you already treated with the user-defined names that you used. Open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) for that.

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