having trouble being able to edit metadata on several mp3's

i dont know what i am doing wrong, i have opened the problematic files in mp3tag and then saved them but i am still unable to go to the actual file within windows explorer and edit the metadata details.

any suggestions?

What is your problem? You do not find the files in WE?
Or you find them but cannot edit the tags?
If the latter is the case, check if the files have V2.4 tags. WE only understands V2.3

i have a few mp3 files that if i right click and go to properties from windows explorer, then go to the details tab, i am unable to edit the values. is there anything i can do with this program to fix that issue?

Are these mp3s wirte protected?

Why do you want to edit them with the explorer anyway?
Mp3tag is much better for this.

well if there is a better way to do this i would love to know lol.

basically i have moved my audio files between several drives before they found their final resting place on my new 1TB drive. only thing is after doign this alot of my audio files either got categorized into 'unknown artist' within the Zune software. its been a pain trying to reorganize my audio files so everything is back to the way it was.

when i open those files that dont have metadata on them or wont let me edit metadata, i can see all the correct info inside of mp3tag, but not through windows explorer. i guess i am just confused on how this software works as i dont understand some of the terminology.

So again: do these files have V2.4 tags? To check this, scroll to the columns that shows the tag version of select a single file and press Alt-T and check the dialogue title.

And, after that whole moving: who is the owner of the files? The same account that does now the editing? If not, I would seize ownership of the files.

shows ID3v2.3, also i have complete ownership of all files i am trying to edit

Scan the files with MP3 Diags which will find any tag errors and correct them.

It could be that there are multiple ID3v2.3 tags on the files.

still having probs even after removing all tag errors unless i am doing it wrong.

does not prove that you have ownership as the column "owner" is not displayed.
In addition to MP3diags, you could run your file(s) through MP3val (also freeware). It has a check and a repair mode. So perhaps check the files first and repair only those with problems.

Post a couple of screen shots of what your files look like in MP3 Diags.

here u go

im using the rise against files as an example cause they are the first ones i came across to give me probs

You have two V2.3 tags in the files.
So you probably see only one of these.
Proceed as follows (to test if it works):
Check the contents of the currently displayed tag.
CUT the MP3 tag from one file and re-read it in MP3tag.
You should now see the contents of the next tag.
If this is the information you want to keep as a whole: cut this tag and paste it immediately.
CHeck the file in Mp3diags to confirm that only 1 V2.3 tag is still in the file.
You should not have any problems any more.

If the second tag (the one you see after cutting the first) contains garbage then DELETE the tag. Then PASTE the tag back that you CUT in the first step.
Check the file again with mp3diags to see that only one V2.3 tag is in the file.

For every error that shows up in MP3 Diags there's also a fix. For tracks that have an "fb" error code the fix is "Remove Multiple ID3 Streams".

Highlight the tracks you want to fix, click on the hammer with the green down arrow and then RIGHT click on "Remove Multiple ID3 Streams". Don't left click because it will try to fix all the files you have loaded and since you have over 9000 that could take forever.

When you're applying fixes it's better to load only the files you want to fix and not your whole library.

that worked! thank you so much its been driving me nuts because my music collection was out of order.