Having trouble with case conversion

Hi everyone;

To the programmer: Fantastic program! Thanks for making it.

Now here's my question:
I'm having difficulty getting a quick action to work properly.

I have many MP3s that have the Artist and Title in all caps, and I want to make them First Letter Captialized only (Mixed Case).

So, while selecting some MP3s, I click the Actions (Quick) button, and select Case Conversion.

I select Mixed Case for the Case Conversion field.

Now, if I select _TAG for the field, it works, but it does every tag. I just want to do the Artist and the Title only.

If I select ARTIST, it works for artist and no other tags.
If I select TITLE, it works for title and no other tags.
If I select ARTIST TITLE or ARTIST;TITLE or ARTIST,TITLE no tags get changed.
Is this a bug or am I not using it properly?

How do I select ARTIST AND TITLE to be the only tags that get changed?

Thank you in advance for your help.


So far so good.

No, it is not a bug.

Learn what an Action Group can do for you.


Hi DetlevD,

Yes, agreed, this is how it works, but I understand the frustration of having to create/copy Action groups for each change you want to have made on a Tag. I want the same changes is ARTIST, BAND and ALBUMARTIST. I want all "vs", "V", "versus" to be "vs.", all "and" to be "&" and all "presents & meets" to be "pres." in those 3 tags. It would save a lot of time if you could just select several TAG's in the Write field. Now I need to write the same Actions to 3 (or more) tags, which is not very efficient...



This is the concept of Mp3tag. Tag-field oriented and process oriented.
If you are not satisfied, then choose another application.

In this case you only need to "write" one action.
The second and third action can be derived (copied) from the first, you only need to change the name of the tag-field.

Once you have this action processing poured into an action group, you do not need to write it again.
The action group group can be applied repeatedly, now, tomorrow, next month.
The "quick action" is not a time saver, but a time consumer, because a "quick action" has no memory.


That did the trick. Thank you for your help.