Hebrew Support


As Hebrew is written from right to left, there a need for a function which reverses a Tag field.

for example:

if the author is ripped as 'abcd efgh' in order to view it correctly in Hebrew we need a function that will reverse EACH word in the Tag field . the result should look as :

'dcba hgfe'

another useful function will be then to swap between 2 words in a Tag field.
so - if the author is '1234 5678' - the swap function will return iot as: '5678 1234'

to summarize - the ability to reverse a word in a tag field / all words in a tag field + the swap function will give a complete support for Tag that contain Hebrew values.

thanks for a SUPER tool

New Convert Action suggestion.

I'll add a $reverse function to the next release. You can use a custom action for switching words (example is for artist field):

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression: (.)\s(.)
Replace matches with: $2 $1

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

Best regards,
~ Florian


that will be very nice ! Will the $reverse function will be able to reverse a complete Tag field (abcd efgh --> hgfe dcba) and also to revese a single word within the Tag field (abcd efgh --> dcba hgfe) ?

many thanks !!


You can use the action proposed above to switch particular parts of a tag field. Using $2 $reverse($1)
at Replace matches with would only reverse the second part from the tag field.


agree. ! thanks !


I've added the $reverse(x) scripting function to the latest Development Build :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian