Hi i just started using the program through recommendation. I have one simple question. To make sure the information you are editing is updating in other media players like windows etc what do i have to do. What i do is edit the information save it and then go to playlist all files and saves it to the directory i was editing. It seemed to work seeing how i had windows media player opened at the same time and names that i was changing started updating. What i was wondering is if i was doing it the right way or not. Help would be much appreciated thank you.

It depends mostly on the kind of player you are using. You name Windows Media Player - and that is a tricky one:
as long as it is open, it scans through those directories you added to the "music library" under Extras:Options. If you are not satisfied with the time lag then press F3 and Media Player will be forced to update.
Under WIndows XP and Vista this is also the way to update the media center.
Under Windows 7 you see the progress of updating at the bottom right of the media player window where the player tells where it is currently looking. In Windows 7 this is usually in all the places you added to a library of the type music, pictures or videos as these are all handled by media player.

If you use iTunes you have to trigger the update process manually every time or you use the ITLU Itunes Library Updater. iTunes is a little reluctant to show new information - usually you have to move the cursor to a file to get the up-to-date information - or run ITLU with the option "Update track info". ITLU only runs reliably under WIndows XP.