Help a beginner please?

Hi all

I'm looking for some help with MP3tag as im a total newb to the program and tagging in general!

My general workflow is to rename my files then - tag from filename. This is due to the fact that far more of my filenames are present / correct than the existing tags and I love the way MP3tag autoselects the next filename for direct editing as soon as I push enter. My filenames are simply "Artist - Title (mix).mp3" My case preferences are "Mixed Case". I am trying to build a simple list of words & abbreviations which I would like kept in UPPERCASE (e.g. Nyc - NYC, Ub40 - UB40) and also a list of word replacements (e.g. all instances of Ft, Featuring, Feat become feat. (notice the all lowercase "feat.")) I have tried configuring both of these using the actions list but they never seem to work properly, can I get some help please as to how to best achieve this. ALSO, something I have noticed is that when I create an action using _ALL from the dropdown it still only seems to apply the change to the filename and not any existing tags, am I misinterpreting what _ALL actually does? Is this a bug? Am I just plain stupid? lol

I would like to add that I totally DO NOT understand all the "code" and %string% talk so please explain in plain english as if you was telling your grandma lol

Thank you in advance.

Thank you.

You are all very helpful.

Don't worry.

Do become familiar with the Mp3tag user interface and philosophy.
Do read the mp3tag help files.
Do read through this forum from top to bottom and back again.
Do learn about using Mp3tag converter, actions, scripting, export features.
Afterall, if there is a question, which you cannot answer by yourself, then come back with the dedicated description of the problem and you will find a friend or two who may help you.
But do avoid to ask for someone who explains the world to you.



What is the best way of making all instances of Ft, Featuring and Feat etc become feat.? Do I have to create an individual "replace" rule for each one? Or is there a more global way to achieve this? If so, how? Please.

The best way is the way you've decided to walk by yourself.
Mehrere wörter gleichzeitig mit $replace(string,from,to) ersetzen
forum thread can be point in one direction.
There may be many other recommendations covered in Forum User threads or Forum FAQ threads.
Do use the Forum Search machine to find some.