Help Bulk Converting MultiDisc to Single Disc Numbering


I'm trying to rename a ton of concert albums from from multidisc numbering, to a single disc. The tracks are currently named like this:

1-01 SongName1.mp3
1-02 SongName2.mp3
2-01 SongName3.mp3
2-02 SongName4.mp3

My goal would be to convert to do two things:

  1. Remove multidisc tagging and convert them to a single, long track list, for each concert folder

  2. SongName1.mp3

  3. SongName2.mp3

  4. SongName3.mp3

  5. SongName4.mp3

  6. Convert the naming to %artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2). %title%

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Which data have you got in your tags?
Or do you still need to fill some tag fields with data from the filename?

The function Convert>Filename-Tag could help you with
%discnumber%-%track% %title%

I do not know: what does the folder structure look like at the moment?
Is already every CD in a separate folder?
Then it would be better to rename the folder instead of the filename.
Renaming the filenames could lead a number of empty folders.

Whatever you rename (folder or file) I think it is advisable to use an abolute path like
for file: d:\music\%artist%\%album%\%_filename%
for folder: d:\music\%artist%\%album%

Once the files are all in a single folder for each CD, sort the files and then use the track numbering wizard with the option to reset the counter for each folder.
Then rename the files so that they get the pattern

$num(%track%,2). %title%

Makes sense. So there's no way to use the renumbering wizard, across multiple folders, in bulk? I can understand why there might not be a way to do it, but hopeful that there might be...

As the first step I recommend to save existing data into some helper tag-fields.

Do apply "Convert/Filename-Tag" with Formatstring:

This will create three tagfields within each mp3 file, for example ...
ORIG_NAME: SongName1

Then do the renaming you want to do.

Please explain, what is a 'concert folder'?
Please describe your current folder structure ... and which folder structure you want to get.


the wizard renumbers all the files of one folder in sequence.
The trigger is a change of folder.
It does not know anything about albums.
So if you have the files of one album in one folder, then you can renumber as many files and folders in one go as you like.
If you have a structure where one album is spread over several folders then each folder gets its own sequence.
But then again: as soon as you have the discnumber in a tag-field, you can first reduce the folder structure to the single-folder-per-album approach and then use the DISCNUMBER field to split the tracks back into separate folders again.