Help files in English

Hi all,

Have just downloaded the latest version v2.43, and have found that the Help file (in English) has now dissappeared and I have the German version.

Can anyone tell me where to download a copy of the English version of the help file for quick online reference?



Ok, there's the online help. But is there a file(s) that I can download to replace the German help files. I'm not always connected and usually edit my mp3 files on the train.


I've just made sure that the files in the installer are not the German help files by default -- except for the case where you chose to install the German version of Mp3tag.

Can you please simply reinstall Mp3tag?

Thanks so much!
Also am getting to grips with the Export feature which I had completely overlooked!
Its a great way of cataloging your albums. Am in the process of trying to write a standalone program which will collect the .html files in the individual directories to form a proper database structure. Loading the collection and regeneration for the export takes a bit too long each time (though I think you would do it only once in a while!)

Fantastic program!