Help: Fix incomplete Parenthesis

:smiley: Hello was wondering if anyone had solution for the following:

I have been batch editing 100's of mp3s by formatting and moving all "featuring" phase's (such as "ft, feat/, f/) from artist field to title field as simply " (feat. ARTIST) etc"

I've realised several mistake made. I now have multiple mp3's with incomplete Parenthesis (open bracket without closed counterpart)

SONG (feat. ARTIST (Remix)

instead of
SONG (feat. ARTIST) (Remix)

Is there a script or work-around that can BATCH SEARCH & FIX all mp3 tracks with broken parenthesis rather than painstakingly searching manually and fixing all the mp3's one by one manually.

Thanks In Advance :smiley:

This filter expression works for the tagfield TITLE ...
maybe it can help to understand how the problem could be solved ...

"$len($regexp($regexp(%TITLE%,'(.+?)',),'[^()]',))" GREATER 0


If you want to have something in the filter language:

%title% HAS "(" AND NOT %title% MATCHES "(.(" AND %title% MATCHES ").)"