Help for a Newbie

I have recently begun using Mp3tag to assemble and retag a group of songs for my upcoming high school reunion. I want to show only the 1) song title, 2) date the song was released, 3) artist, and 4) selected album art.

I have been able to do this by changing the song title to include the date of release. Example: "Guess Who" is now titled "Guess Who ..... 1959". The artist, Jesse Belvin, shows as the artist. And my selected album art displays correctly in Windows Media Player ..... exactly as I set the tag using mp3tag.

But when I burn these songs to a CD and then play them in Media Player, only the modified title displays correctly. The artist displays as "Unknown artist" and the album art displays as the Window's generic music note. Also a text such as "2014-01-28 0015" displays in the player. I'm sure this relates to the date I retagged the song, but what is the 0015? But I don't want this to display at all, so how do I prevent it/get rid of it?

Obviously I am not getting all the data I need attached to the song files when I burn them to the CD.

I'm sure there's a simple solution .......... can anyone help?

First of all we have get it straight if you really refer to the tags (which is metadata stored inside a file) or the filename (which is just that: the filename used by the OS) or any kind of stuff you have entered in WMP but which is stored in the WMP library (which means that WMP is no tagging program but a player).

If you load the files into MP3tag: does the files list fill up with not just the filenames?
If you scroll through the list: does every file have an embedded cover? or is the picture frame in the tag panel empty resp. does it show a picture and a filename for that picture?

To find the files without cover you could apply a filter:
%_covers% IS ""

If you have the information in the filename but not yet in the tags, then the functions of the Convert menu might help you.

If you burn an Mp3 CD then the Mp3 tags for those tracks are also burned to the CD and can be used by a player.

However it sounds like you're burning an Audio CD and when you do that the Mp3 tags aren't burned to the disc. You're only option with an Audio CD is to use a feature called CD-Text.

To use CD-Text you need a burning program that supports CD-Text and you need a player that will read CD-Text. For a burning program, I use CDBurnerXP which supports CD-Text. I'm sure there are a few others.

It's harder to find players that will use CD-Text. I know VLC player supports it and probably foobar2000, but Windows Media Player does not support CD-Text.

With CD-Text you can have the name of the artist and album for the whole CD. You can also have the title and artist of each track. But that's all, no album art.

Another option you might consider is to put each CD in a plastic case and print an insert that has the album art and track listings.