Help for a novice user to add label, ISRC, UPC, BPM

I'm a musician that is publishing 14 single recordings for distribution. They are not in an album, so the ID3 standard doesn't really fit. Besides there are fields such as copyright date, label, ISRC#, UPC#, BPM to name a few that seem like logical inclusions. So I have 3 questions:

  1. where can i get an "extended" list of tags that comply to a standard? Maybe all that fields I think are logical are in there.
  2. What is that list or standard called?
  3. After i modify the field list so that it complies with the standard (or my take on the "extended" list of tag names), how do I get the columns in MP3TAG to match that field structure?

I know it's a noob question, but I've just got to get this done.

The “typical” fields that apply for most users are the ones that are default in the tag panel. So they are a good start. The other fields you mention can be added if you highlight all 14 of these tracks, then open the enhanced tag editor Alt-T where you can then add any additional fields quickly and apply them at once.

While they may not exist in what you would call an album, I would think there would be a similar concept to use and title them this way, given you are releasing 14 tracks for distribution at the same time. Just a thought, you can omit this field if you prefer. But for browsing purposes this may throw a wrench into some user libraries.

Thank you. I may have implied I am releasing all 14 "at the same time", but i am not... they are being released one at a time over a period of about a week (it takes about a half day to prepare everything and get it to the distribution service). I am looking for the set of fields that would be "industry standard" and when i look at, say, the list of properties for an mp3, wav, or png file (I know they are for different types of media, but hear me out) there is an extensive list of possible fields to use. I don't know which ones are universally useful in the industry (for instance, mastering engineers may need some data i don't know about, and i know merchants need a UPC number), so i am looking for a standard list. The ID3 standard appears anemic, so I am wondering if there is another standard of which i am unaware. I would take that, maybe modify it if it seemed logical, add the new fields, delete the unused ones, and modify the columns to match. I can't believe there isn't some simple way to use the field configuration ini file to reconfigure the column headers, but I'll be darned if I can figure it out or find it in the documentation.

You can right click on any column header, and choose Customize Columns at the top of the list. That opens a window that lets you add or remove columns, even just uncheck them if you just want to remove them temporarily. And you can also move each field up or down the list too. Details can be found here.

You can save your configuration preference. In fact you can name several, and recall them at any time. I find this helpful if I am tagging music, videos, movies, etc.

Maybe in this case you can duplicate the song title into the album field?

I don’t think there really is a true formal standard, or else there would be much better tags for music out there. Even Apple, with their tight structure for posting music on iTunes, seems to have some weak areas. I would take care to complete as much detail as you have available, your fans will appreciate that.

And as far as fields like UPC code and ISRC, will you have these available to go with each separate song release? I thought these were usually tied to physical formats, but I could be wrong there.

I do not think that editing an ini-file is a simple way.
And it is not just the colum headers that you have to edit (actually, they don't mean a thing as they are localized for each language).
You find a list of supported tag fields in the documentation:

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