Help for Newbie With Actions

Hi Y'all
Ive been using Mp3Tag for a good while now and have decided to start looking at automating stuff a bit more.
Im a fool when I comes to any form of programming and am totally confused with how to use certain actions such as import cover art from folder.
I see how to open up the actions window and create the action using the FOLDER format string, problem is when I run the action nothing happens? I know the art is in the folder. The question is does it need to be named"folder.jpg" or will the program just look for any coverart in there? :flushed:

Ok I have it working now, I see the art needs to be named "folder" which is not really much help as a lot of the stuff I get doesnt have art named that way?
Is there now any way to automatically rename the art?

there is a thread
that pretty much circle around the same problem.
The whole effort is only worthwhile if you have a lot of jpgs to rename.
Because in the end you have to handle each file individually if they all have individual names.

Renaming non-mp3-files is a task for the surrounding operating system.

So I think it is time to get acquainted with the good ole DOS commands dir and ren
Make a list of all jpgs:
Open a dos-shell in the topmost folder.
dir /s /b *.jpg > ff.txt
you get a textfile that shows all jpgs with the complete path.
a line might read something like
E:\MP3Musik\Klassik\Uri Caine Ensemble\1997 - Wagner e Venezia\wagner_wagner_e_venezia.jpg

You have to separate the jpg-filename from the path MANUALLY (or at least I can't think of a decent pattern to do that with search an replace) so that the formerly single line be comes 2 lines

E:\MP3Musik\Klassik\Uri Caine Ensemble\1997 - Wagner e Venezia

Now it is down the capabilities of your text-processing tool: it has to be able to deal with a "line end"
In Word this is ^p.
So a search and replace action in word would look like this:
Search for: ^p
Replace it with : "^pren "
This leads to lines that look like this:

E:\MP3Musik\Klassik\Uri Caine Ensemble\1997 - Wagner e Venezia"
ren "wagner_wagner_e_venezia.jpg

search for ^pE:
replace with: " folder.jpg^pcd "E:

this leads to lines that look like this:
cd "E:\MP3Musik\Klassik\Uri Caine Ensemble\1997 - Wagner e Venezia"
ren "wagner_wagner_e_venezia.jpg" folder.jpg

Save the whole file as text-file and rename it in the explorer to
and execute it.

If you want to keep the original jpg-files use the command copy instead of ren.
You see, this is all rather complicated. So you really have to have lot of jpgs to rename/copy.

Wow exhaustive reply, thanks for this. I think I have found a simpler way. As I have allready done the bulk of my files and the album art has been found through the various sources on MP3tag. What I am doing now is processing about 4-5 albums at a time only and checking each folder for the art and renaming the cover to "folder"
I then use the actions tool to run a few commands such as import art and change title case etc.
Its working for me!