Help getting tags from filenames

I currently have all my MP3 files as artist - song title.mp3, but am in the process of making them into artist - album - song title.mp3. Is there a way to get Mp3tag to read the tags from the files names and correctly fill in artist, album, song title for the ones that have that info, then just fill in artist,song title for the others. I assum eif I set itup to read artist - album - song title, then when it tried to read the artist - song title tracks, then it would read the song title and make it the album Id tag. Anyone know or understand what I said? Thanks.

You can use the converter :mt_ftt: Filename - Tag with a format string like %artist% - %album - %title% for the files named like artist - album - song title.mp3 and %artist% - %title% for the files named like artist - song title.mp3

I have all 2,141 files in a single folder. That would require me to sift through them all and choose them. Is there no way to write an if statement inside the program to choose the artist,album,title and derive the code and and then if there is only 2 variables (artist,title), then it only inputs the artist title? I know some programs like this let you do "if" statements, but I dont think it's for the purpose I want. Thanks.

You can

  1. enable the filter via [F3],
  2. filter by .* - .* - . to show all files named like artist - album - song title.mp3,
  3. filter by ^[^-]? - [^-]*?$ to show all files named like artist - song title.mp3
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Ah, thank you very much. I will give it a try later this afternoon.

Sweet Florian. My MP3Tag lesson for the day. Knew there was a reason to browse the new posts in the forum. :book:

Quick question: What would I type in to filter by artist - year - album - song.mp3? Thank you again.

Is it just: .* - .* - .* - .*

When I did the ^[^-]? - [^-]?$ it filters out say: Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Let It Ride.mp3 because of the hypen in the filename. How would I fix this so that these type of files still get edited? Thank you.