Help I can't get genre changed

Hello guys. I just got the V2.51 and was considering donating as I like it and If I can get this to work I am happy to donate.

how can I make this "cannot be opened for writing" not appear. I don't have long songs. Im doing this on my PC.

The files are stored on a spare Drive in a folder. There older songs Dean martian songs. Im trying to list them all as bigband. No matter what I do or how many songs I select 1-10 I keep getting that error.

I select the song I want and then I goto the Genre selection and select bigband. In some situations there isn't a genre name at all. Other times Im changing them from say pop to bigband. After I make the selection I hit the save and I get the error every time.

I did a search and nothing came up

Im on Windows 7.

thanks guys I like the idea of this just would like to get it to work any and all help is appreciated.

Several approaches:
First, do not open the files via D&D but with the functions inside MP3tag to open folders.
Close the Media Player (if open), do not select the files in the Windows Explorer.

if this does not help:
If you have used the drive before with e.G. Windows XP check the ownership of the files. Do this by activating an extra column with "owner".
If the files do not show the same user as the one you are currently working with, then use the windows means to change ownership.

First off thanks. What a great list of things to do.

OK. Did way with the D&D. I opened up the folder with the file selection and selected the path. This still gives me the issue. Now you are 100% correct with the XP. I had all these files on this drive im my old windows XP computer.

I con't find out how to get the "owner" column. I opened the view and did the customized columns but didn't see a owner option. I would assume that its a owner issue. How do I fix this.

Thanks again this is so helpful. I really appreciate your time and help

This is Windows stuff, right? If you suspect that this is an ownership problem then we can do without the extra column.
To become owner of these files, use the windows means that you find in the "properties" of the top-most folder in "Security" "enhanced".
If you are not sure where to look to modify the "owner", consult the microsoft knowledge base

WOW beyond helpful. I found out that I don't own the folder and Im changing it right now. Ill check back and let you know how and if this works. Thanks so much for your help. Ive leard alot about my files in just this one thread.