Help mapping TVSHOW & TVSHOWSORT to iTunes (MP4)


I am trying to map TVSHOW and TVSHOWSORT to iTunes with no success. I have mapped from MP3Tags to MP4 tags before, mapping INVOLVEDPEOPLE to DESCRIPTION, so I am confused as to why I am having such difficulties.

I cannot even get MP3Tag to read the values I put in through iTunes. Windows 10 File Explorer sees the information I enter in iTunes in the "Show" field, listing it under TV show Name. But no matter what I try MP# will not show it. What I enter in MP3Tag under TVSHOW, also gets reported to Windows 10 File Explorer, but under the title: TVSHOW.

I am assuming that the values I would have to map them to are tvsh and sosn respectively. I tried mapping: Tag=MP4; Source=TVSH; Target=TVSHOW, but anything I entered in a field defined as TVSHOW did not reflect in iTunes, even after I played the tune, which is supposed to refresh the information.

They work for my iTunes library. I use TVSHOW, TVSHOWSORT, TVSEASON, TVEPISODE, DESCRIPTION, and you have to set ITUNESMEDIATYPE to "TV Show" as well.

Here is an example.

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Is it perhaps because it is not a video but an audio file? No matter what I try I cannot get MP3Tag to see what Windows File Explorer sees when I tag the file with iTunes and vice versa. :man_shrugging:

I've never tried this, but it could be. Logically a TV Show is a video format, not sure how this would be an audio file. I don't think you can force iTunes to look at these.

Perhaps it is something like this:

in the thread they talk about a tool called MetaX - perhaps that shows the missing data.

Well, that program does show the information inputted by iTunes, but not that which I place in MP3Tag. I still don't understand why this does not work as they are in the Field-mapping chart, which seems to indicate that they will work. I don't think it has to do with the type of file because MetaX read the video tag on the audio (m4a) file.

AFAI understood it: the data is stored in an extra data field with an xml structure. And this field is not read or updated by MP3tag.
Vice versa: itunes does not look at the mp4 fields but evaluates only the xml data.

If that is the case, bummer, but MotleyG got MP3Tag to read it.. :thinking:

Well.... :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
I don't know what was going on before and why I was having so much trouble, but it is now working both ways??!!! :roll_eyes:

I took out all mapping and it works perfectly. I tried it before without mapping and it did not seem to work, but I must have been doing something wrong. :man_facepalming:

Sorry for any inconvenience! Hopefully this exercise will help someone in the future.

You don't need any mapping to make the TV* fields to work. Can you check that you're writing the mentioned fields directly?

The screenshot from @MotleyG should give you a pretty good overview on the fields that can be used for describing TV Shows for iTunes.

This XML field in question is only for the "enhanced" details in movies and TV Shows like the actors, producers, directors, etc. The standard fields I indicated above are completely visible and editable in mp3tag as-is. No mapping required.

Even though I still "have" to use iTunes to manage the content for the many Apple devices in the house, I do almost all of my tag editing with mp3tag. This is for all music and videos. The only exception is for this "enhanced" movie info that I do currently use MetaX for.

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