Help me map Vorbis to ID3v2

Hello everyone, and thank you Florian for making this incredible piece of software! :wub:

For the past couple of years I have been using Mp3tag to organize my collection which consists mainly of MP3's, and everything has worked perfectly. And now I'm starting to re-rip all of the albums to FLAC using EAC, since disk space is not an issue anymore today.

Most of my collection is very well tagged and now I would like to adjust tag mappings so I can easily import tags to FLAC files and for interoperability between Vorbis and ID3 tags in Mp3tag's interface. Absolutely amazing feature, those tag mappings :sorcerer:

I use only ID3v2.3 UTF-16 tags and have customized Tag Panel to show the most important tags and those are the absolute minimum I use for all my albums. Also, I use the's standard for formatting the frames, such as "/" to separate the names in the Artist field and "#/#" for Discnumber and Track values.

Now, the problem I have with Tag Mapping is that there is no standardization of Vorbis frames and when I import tags they may not work with some applications, and I would hate to change the frames for the whole collection in the future. So I would like to hear your thoughts about the unofficial Vorbis frame names that are most widely used.

These are the most important tags that I now use:

Name in Mp3tag  |   ID3v2.3   |   Vorbis comment
                |             |
ALBUM           |   TALB      |   ALBUM
ARTIST          |   TPE1      |   PERFORMER/ARTIST ???
COMPOSER        |   TCOM      |   COMPOSER ???
GENRE           |   TCON      |   GENRE
MEDIATYPE       |   TMED      |   SOURCEMEDIA ???
ORIGYEAR        |   TORY      |   ORIGINALDATE ???
TITLE           |   TIT2      |   TITLE
TRACK           |   TRCK      |   TRACKNUMBER ???
YEAR            |   TYER      |   DATE ???

The only ones I'm sure about are the three ones without ??? (album, genre, title). The rest of the Vorbis names I've found in various forums all around the internet.

Also, is there a frame in ID3v2.3 that is used for Catalog Number? At the moment I use Comment for it.

Have you seen this help page yet? It lists all Tag field mappings. As regards the Catalog number the standard one is CATALOG #.

Yes. I used that as a starting point for setting up Tag Panel and for my table above. It doesn't list Vorbis mappings because they are not standardised.
And I was talking about ID3 catalog number tag

I believe most of the internal field names in Mp3tag are the commonly used field names for vorbis comments. With the exception of the three names that are mapped, as indicated below (see Tools > Options > Tags > Mapping).

I wouldn't swear that these are universal, as different applications could have their own names for some fields. Foobar2000 uses 'ALBUM ARTIST' (with a space), and while I've seen other software that support this, I believe ALBUMARTIST is used most often.

Name in Mp3tag  |   ID3v2.3   |   Vorbis comment
ALBUM           |   TALB      |   (same)
ALBUMARTIST     |   TPE2      |   (same)
ARTIST          |   TPE1      |   (same)
COMMENT         |   COMM      |   (same)
COMPOSER        |   TCOM      |   (same)
DISCNUMBER      |   TPOS      |   (same)
GENRE           |   TCON      |   (same)
TITLE           |   TIT2      |   (same)
TRACK           |   TRCK      |   TRACKNUMBER *
YEAR            |   TYER      |   DATE *
  • Names mapped by default in Mp3tag for vorbis comments.

Here are a couple of others that I've seen written either way. Unlike with ID3 tags, I believe it's less common to write %tracknumber%/%tracktotal% or %discnumber%/%disctotal% in the TRACKNUMBER and DISCNUMBER fields of vorbis comments.


These fields, I have no idea.

Name in Mp3tag  |   ID3v2.3   |   Vorbis comment
MEDIATYPE       |   TMED      |   SOURCEMEDIA ???
ORIGYEAR        |   TORY      |   ORIGINALDATE ???

And I wouldn't worry too much about using the wrong field name for the less common fields like ORGANIZATION and MEDIATYPE, as long as you're consistent. Few applications will even read these. If in the future you do encounter an application that can use the data, but wants the field name to be different, it's very easy to rename a field in Mp3tag.

ID3v2 has special TXXX (user defined) fields, which allow you to have fields of any name. In Mp3tag, if a name doesn't map to one of its recognized four-letter frame names, then Mp3tag will create a TXXX frame with that description. So you can write things like 'Catalog #' or "Catalog Number'. This is commonly how ReplayGain fields are written to ID3v2 tags - TXXX frames with descriptions of REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN, REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN, etc..

You can read the ID3v2.3 and 2.4 specs here, but they've been extended quite a bit with de facto standards by applications, mostly iTunes. There's no mention of a frame to store catalog numbers. Googling around a bit, I can't find anything suggesting a de facto standard, either. It seems that most often it's written into the comment (COMM) field.

Brilliant! Thank you very much for the info, JJ Johnson. :slight_smile:

So, it seems that I'm doing the right thing with the catalog number in the comment frame in ID3v2.3. Do you know if there is a catalog number frame that is widely used in Vorbis or should I also just put it in the comment?