Help Me Prevent Accidental Tag Cloning


I do all my mp3 tag editing using Mp3tag. Thank you for a highly functional, useful tool.

I occasionally encounter one problem, which is no doubt my fault; but I'm not sure how I'm creating it, and I wonder if someone can guess.

Let's say I have a directory of mp3s showing in the Menu View, perhaps 25 tracks. I'm running down the list, manually updating the info in certain columns. Every once in a while, I somehow accidentally copy the tag info from one track onto another. I'm not copying the WHOLE tag mind you, but only the following fields: Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment, Year, Track - - pretty much only those items in the Tag Panel on the left.

The problems seems to occur when I used the Tag Panel to update the Comment field. When I jump back into the main Menu View, I have somehow saved the info from the Tag Panel over the wrong track, creating an apparent duplicate. I've caught myself doing this several times now, but I've used the Tag Panel many hundreds of times without causing this problem.

Can anyone guess what I am doing wrong?