Help moving info from one field into another


Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out here, I only downloaded the program recently and have been poking around the FAQs and what not but haven't seen anything that directly relates to what I'm trying to do and I don't know regular expressions.

What I'm trying to do is move a string on the "title" tag into the "genre" tag. Not the full string, example title tag would be:
[genre] Song title

So I want to grab everything between the brackets, or first occurence of two brackets in the title, then move that into the genre field.

If anyone could give some help on creating a regular expression that can do this or an already defined action that would be great, thank you!

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There are many ways. One is this:

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: [%genre%] %dummy%