Help:music tagging For Xbmc not working

Hello iam trying to get my music tagged with MP3TAG but its not working. maybe iam doing something wrong. don't understand me wrong, it is tagging my music but for some way its not working in xbmc. it almost seems the tagging is not going in correctly

HERE is an example of my tagging

Does xmbc have a database that has to be updated after the files have been modified?

yeah it does. I can also do that manually

And? What does it show after the update?
Or what is your problem? (I do not see anything suspicious in the dump)

maybe i should explain the problem a little bit better.
i talked with some people on the xbmc forum. and explained my problem.
they told me how to tag my music with mp3tag. Here are the results of my correct tagging

Now my problem is, its not showing correctly when i try to play the music.

i tried it with the original disk in it. and then i have no problems at all.

Here is the source of my thread i created on the xbmc forums if that helps someone out

Hopefully somebody understands my problem now

If I read your thread at the XBMC forum correctly then this seems to be a semantical problem: apparently some kind of automatism in XBMC does not behave the way you want it.
I guess that if you insert the original disc, the automatism does not rely on any tags (which od not exist in CD tracks) but on the discnumber.

What I would do instead: I would not rely on the automatism but tag the files completely, just like the people on the XBMC forum suggested.

Just one more question: does this happen only to this album or to all the tracks?

Hello thanks for your reply.

About your question. Well this happends on certain albums from cetain artists. other artists are correctly showing

I would consider this to be the proof that for some reason the automatic lookup gets a hickup.
But if you enter all the information (artist and albumartist and year and stuff), then XBMC should not have a chance to leave anything out.

iam still talking with the other peeps on xbmc thread. Hopefully thing will come to a good end soon!!!