Help Needed And Appreciated Please Thanks

Hi everyone, new to MP3 Tag and need help please, yesterday I spent all day downloading mp3's onto my phone, after downloading complete I went to check the playlist on my phone, all the playlist was filled with a mixture of unknown artists etc, been on MP3 Tag today, changed all descriptions (songtitles, artist etc), its changed all the details on my F drive on computer but not on phone, if anyone could help me with this that would be brilliant.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

THis looks like an off-topic to me as it deals with the way you synchronize your phone with the data on your PC, right?

All you have to do is to copy the files from the F drive onto your phone.
Or you could, if the phone allows that access, treat the music files folder on the phone just like any other folder on your computer and edit the data there...

My phone is the F Drive :rolleyes:

Then I don't understand the problem: you edit the information on your phone but the phone does not display the modifications?
Try to find out, what kind of tag versions are read by your phone player (V1, V2.3?).
Set Mp3tag in Tools>Extras>Tags to read write and delete the tag versions that are understood by your phone player.
Edit a file and check whether your phone player picked it up.

No i've edited using my laptop with my phone plugged into usb port, I thought changing on that would change it on my phone aswell, and cant find anywhere what versions my phoneplayer uses :unsure: :frowning:

Then you have to find out for yourself:
Set only one type of tag versions to read, write and delete and all the others to nothing (untick).
You do that for V1, then edit a file and see whether you see the changes.
Then you do it for V2.3, edit a file and check for changes.
Once you have found the correct settings, continue editing.