Help needed on regex for removing long stuff in title

Hi, I have read in full the regular expression FAQ thread but did not find one, and I must say my capacity to try write mine is limited...! I hoçpe the experts in this forum could give me a hand.

By mistake I have used before the tag to tag conversion to include in my titles:
%albumartist% - %album% - %track% - %title%

I now would like to revert to the former titles I had (that were good in some cases, a bit messy in others, but never mind).

So I basically need to create an action to replace:
(anything any length with spaces) - (anything any length with spaces) - (0 to 99 digit but also sometimes 1/12 or alike) - TITLE
with ideally
or alternatively
(0 to 99 digit but also sometimes 1/12 or alike) - TITLE
that is less clean but could be acceptable

I guess it can be done based on finding the third' - ' and then deleting anything before?
But how do you do that?

Thanks a lot for insights

You can create an acti9on of the type "Replace with regular expression for title tha throws everything away except the stuff after the last -:
Search string:
.* - (.*)
Replace string

Due to the non-greedyness the regular expression starts at the end.