Help needed with "Export cover to file" action


I'm new to the mp3tag software, only started with it yesterday. I've got all my mp3's (2000+) with embedded album art, but I need to have album art in the album folder as a folder.jpg. Looking around the forums, I found the "Export cover to file" action which should do what I want.

The following thread gave instructions;

is it possible to extract multiple cover art ?

I've followed the instructions as shown, adding a new action, Export cover to file, then adding the format string. With the string, I copy/pasted the string from the forum thread into the relevant box. I ran that action on all tracks, then saved. At this point I was expecting the album folders to have artwork in the folder as a jpeg. Nothing, just the album tracks.

Now, am I doing something wrong, or have I missed a step somewhere along the line? If there's any advice you guys can give, I'd really appreciate it.


So what formatstring did you use?

Hmm, I am not quite sure, but I think that copy/pasting into Mp3tag action dialog fields may not work in all cases. The dialog field shows the pasted content, but Mp3tag do not use it and runs the action with an empty field content. Workaround: Enter the value manually.

Are you sure that the Mp3tag tagfields, which you use in your formatstring, contain proper values?



Can you reproduce this somehow?


Ok, here goes.

The format string I used is exactly as follows;

$validate($trim(%BAND%) - $trim(%ALBUM%),)

I've entered that string into the dialoguge field via copy/paste, and now manually. Neither have any effect.

As far as the values in the tag fields are concerned, I'm not sure what you mean by "Proper Values).

Question. In the format string, do I need to change the words "BAND" and "ALBUM" uniquely to each seperate album?

And to Florian, what do you need reproduced, and who do you need to reproduce it?
Sorry guys, I'm not stupid, just new to mp3 tagging, and eager to learn.


That's not the string for your purpose.
If you want to create folder.jpg files, the string is simply folder


Ok, how do I enter that. Just entering "folder" as the string has no effect.


Do you see embedded cover art in Tag Panel View or in Extended Tag View?



Interesting. The answer to both questions is...... NO. But I know there's album art there because WMP11, Vista MCE (Admittedly just a WMP extension) and MediaMonkey all see it correctly. The ID3 tag version for all tracks is ID3v2.3 if that's relevant. Also noticed in the extended tag view that most tracks are showing as "Encoded By Itunes v if that's also relevant.

I'm confused as to how MP3Tag doesn't see artwork, but everything else does. Simple question, is MP3Tag supported in Vista?


Florian, be patient, I will try again ...


Yes, it is.


Have you looked in the folder of you mp3 files and is your system set to show hidden files?
WMP usually stores cover art in the folder as hidden files.


Problem solved!

The tracks showing in WMP and MediaMonkey were added months (Or days in MediaMonkey's case) ago, when the album art was indeed embedded. After playing around with MediaMonkey for a day or so, I converted all the ID3 tag versions up to 2.3 (Previously they were a mix of 2.3 and 1.something) using MediaMonkey, but it seems it didn't carry over the embedded art too.

I've run through all the albums using AVSoft Album Art Checker, embedding the art successfully. Then I ran MP3Tag again to export the art to each album folder, and it worked an absolute treat!! The only problem now, is that all albums have atleast 2 copies of the jpeg. Not a major problem though, easily deleted.

Oh, and the format string used WAS;

$validate($trim(%BAND%) - $trim(%ALBUM%),)

Which did all albums in one single, simple process.

To all of you, thanks for all your help, you're stars!!