Help needed

Hi everyody! First post so go easy on me.
I'm trying to make a web source script that imports lyrics from the site Metal Archives ut I'm having some problems. Each album on the site have its on page that usually looks something like this. As you see there is a link for every song in the album to the lyrics page. I've made this progress with my script:

*It can open the album page. The user inputs the album id. The search function on the site isn't working all the time so I think this is the best solution

*It can successfully clean the lyrics and tag the first song of the album

The problem is that I can't figure out a way to make it search find the right lyrics to the right song. Maybe someone can help me out!

Damn, I just realized I forgot to attach my script. Well here it is:

EDIT: Sorry for the bump!

Lyrics_MetalArchives.src (1.39 KB)