Help on converting podcast names with title but keep filename too


This is a very new area for me but i would appreciate some help with it. I have many different types of podcasts (from Ipodder) and some of them have titles which say exactly what is in the program. I was able to change the filename,which was just a number, to titles. But some of the others have general filenames like"npr_5692028.mp3" and titles like "open mic music for monday". I would like to put the the title first and then the filename. Could someone explain the command I have to enter. Thanks. ps any suggestions on a podcast catcher that allows one to specify how the files should be named?


You can use Convert > Tag - filename with %title% %_filename%


Thanks for your reply and help. I've come to an unexpected problem. The file name doesn't show the whole thing but just dots like ....It leaves out important things like the dates. Here's an example of one that I converted: "NPR Story of the Day for ...- npr_6287751.mp3" But it should have read: "NPR: Story of the Day for Monday, Oct 16 2006 npr_6287751.mp3. I don't think I'm exceeding the maximum number of characters in a filename for XP. This is really strange and annoying in that when i play this file in Winamp it shows NPR: Story of the Day for Monday but not the "npr_6287751". Is there a solution that lets me see all of the information in the file name. It's there in the ID3v2 tag. Thanks


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Well,its close but no cigar. No more ideas on how to get the whole filename and album name in there? Thanks