Help please! Adding "cover.jpg" tag to many many CDs?


I have read the forum and tried to create my own "action" but I simply do not know enough about MP3Tag to figure this one out. Your help and concise directions would be greatly appreciated.

I have around 1000 CDs ripped into FLAC, each CD is in it's own folder with the folder names = "Artist - Title (year)". All of the corresponding tracks are in the appropriate folder. I also have the corresponding cover image (cover.jpg) inside of each CD folder.

So, I have the FLACs, folders and cover images, but how do I tag the correct cover image onto each individual album and track in a batch or automatic process?

I have tried the manual method, i.e. I have been highlighting all of the tracks for a CD then right clicking the "image" box in the left MP3Tag column and selecting "Add Cover". Then I select the "cover.jpg", click OK and finally the 'save' icon in the upper left corner. It then proceeds to add the tags. This process is 100% accurate, but it will take me days to finish.

How do I accomplish this via batch or automatically?

Much thanks in advance for your help!


BTW, all of the other tagging for my collection is 100% complete and accurate - it's even backed up twice.

Now I simply need a less time consuming way to add the cover images to each individual CD and the tracks within.

I even tried the "Aa" button and selected "import cover from file", it then pops up a dialog box asking "Format string for image filename". By selecting "browse" it seemingly allows me to only select one individual specific "cover.jpg" file and not the correct file for each of my CDs.

If I use this method I am still required to complete just one CD at a time which equates to hours upon hours upon hours of tedious work.

There must be a simpler way of accomplishing this that I am not aware of.


OK, I got this working with some help from another forum.

The CD image tagging is taking place as I type this. Here is the advice I received:

These are the exact steps I attempted except for typing in "cover.jpg" into the window as the 'format string'. The browse button to the right of the window kept taking me to a folder and I was not aware you could just type the file name into the box. I assumed "format string" meant the same thing as "path".

One thing that is interesting, even though my PC is a quad-core with 4GB of RAM, this is still not a very fast process. Only about 1/8 complete after I typed all of this.

If this works for you please don't forget to thank "ilmonstro" on the SlimDevices forum.


Think about it, you have 1000 cds how many gigs are these?
A normal flac file is maybe 30mb. You got ~10 000 of them
To add an embedded cover each file must be rewritten because your files probably don't have enough padding for an image file in the tag.
So this will take some time.


Thanks for the info! That was the exact thing I was looking for... now to add my two cents! For those that do not already have the album art, you can get ALOT of it by temporarily importing the collection into Windows Media Player and having it locate the album artwork for you. It will save it in the folder where the album resides, just make sure the boxes for reorganizing and replacing info are unchecked or your collection will get messed up in a jiffy. Once it finds all available album artwork go through each album and add the ones that are still missing... I use Google images and select a uniform sized image as big as I can... Windows media player will upconvert or downconvert to it's own standard size so make sure you get as big a scan as you can.... When that's done use Folder.jpg in the above instructions and voila! near automatic finding and adding of album art without having to hunt them all down. (Note that most other programs like iTunes and the Zune software don;t store album info in an easily parsed manner so they won't work with this.)


Thought I might just add something in case anyone is wondering about what to do if you have new downloads with poorly formatted cover art titles. Since you can save and then repeat actions, and add multiple steps under an action, it would be smart to create a 'Cover Art' action that has cover.jpg, folder.jpg, and front.jpg. Since the search is case insensitive this should cover maybe 70% of your downloads with album art in the folder with just one click.