Help Please File Name to Tags

Hi Been using this program a wee while & I like it thanks. However some files I just cant get the tags to display in windows xp. Im trying to convert title to tag or when I look in the program the tags are present i.e artist and title etc but when it displays in xp there not there please help.
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You aren't giving a lot of information, but if you are working with MP3 files make sure you have the mp3tag options set to write ID3 2.3 tags and not ID3 2.4. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, do not support ID3 2.4 tags in any of their operating systems...including Windows 7.

Not enough info sorry yes its mp3 files and yes its windows xp operating system.
Im running mp3 tag version 2.44 not sure what else I can add

In mp3tag go to Tools -> Options -> Tags -> Mpeg and in the write section make sure you have chosen to write ID3 v2.3 tags and ID3 v2.4 is not selected. Once you have configured mp3tag to write ID3 v2.3 compliant tags they should be readable by Windows and Windows Media Player.