help pls with removing line


hi, great program
i cant figure out how to do this , ihave this: 1987_015[CD][56] Jackie Wilson - Reet petite
and i want to remove everything untill the first space , so i get: Jackie Wilson - Reet petite
and (if possible i want to cut artist and paste it to the "artist" line.
can u help me? manny thanks and greetings from edwin


There are two steps to accomplish what I think you are asking:


Assuming that all the files you're dealing with have the exact same format, you can use a regular expression to simply delete the first 17 characters of the filename.

Under Actions use Replace with regular expression
Enter the following values in the dialogue that appears:

  • Field = _FILENAME
  • Regular Expression = "^.{17}" (without the " " marks)
  • Replace matches with = (leave blank)
Your filenames should now be in the format: Jackie Wilson - Reet petite

Please note: If that first part of your current filename is NOT always 17 characters long, let me know the details and we'll come up with another solution.


Now, you can use FILENAME to TAG to copy the ARTIST and TITLE to the appropriate tag fields.

To do this:

  1. Hilight the file(s) you want to update
  2. Click ALT-2 to bring up the Filename - Tag dialogue
  3. In the Format String box type: "%artist% - %title%" (without " "marks)
  4. Click OK
If for some reason you ONLY want to update the ARTIST tag field and leave the TITLE field untouched, you can enter the following: %artist% - %dummy%

Using %dummy% sends that part of the filename to never never land.

Hope that helps.



thanks for youre reaction, but the filenames are not allways 17 characters, that doesn`t matter i can change that. this is what i want.
my title field is:"troggs-love is all around" the artist and album fields are empty,so i mean how to copy troggs to artist field and album field. so i go fom this: title field is:"troggs-love is all around"

                                                                                 artist field:
                                                                                 album field:

                                                                        to:    title field is:love is all around
                                                                                 artist field:troggs
                                                                                album field:troggs

hope u get what i mean,sorry for my first question
i think i asked it wrong, my english is no so good
manny thanks for helping me.
greetings edwin


Before I go off solving more ghostly problems, I need you to give me a bit more information so what I come up with will help you with many files and not just in updating one or two file tags.

So, here it goes:

  • We're now talking about a bunch of files that you have with a variety of filenames and the format of those filenames does not matter to you right now.
  • The way I understand your note, all the changes you want to make will happen in the tag fields only, correct?
  • For some reason in all of these files the TITLE field has information that should be distributed into several fields. Specifically, this info should be put in the ARTIST, TITLE and ALBUM fields as appropriate. As an example, the TITLE field currently looks something like this:
      <b>Artist Name-Song Title</b>

At this point I need to ask if you always want the same information in the ARTIST field as in the ALBUM field? Or, is it a case where the "Troggs"' first album is simply named "Troggs"?

What you specifically asked for in your note is easily possible with mp3tag, however, I've never found anyone who wants to mass rename a bunch of files making sure that the ARTIST and ALBUM fields were exactly the same. The end result means you can't tell at a glance which of two mp3 files with tags of:

  • Artist=Troggs
  • Title=Love Is All Around
  • Album=Troggs

is the album version from the group's debut album, and which one is the Paul Oakenfold remix (just using Oakenfold as an example .. I don't think he has remixed the Troggs ... then again ... ).

What's more, when you try to rename each song's filename, depending on your filename structure, you risk running into loads of duplicate filename errors because two different files cannot both be named: "Troggs - Love is All Around (Troggs)"

Help me with those bits of information, and I'll help with a solution ... and with a little trial and error investment on your part, you'll soon learn how you can use mp3tag to basically change everything you want to about a song short of re-voicing the vocals and re-doing the song's musical score.

Perhaps those options will come in some far off future release of mp3tag??? Only Florian knows.



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