{Help plz} Removing "(Prod. By [Name])" From Title Tags


Hi, I have a lot of tracks with title tags in the format "[Song Name] (Prod. By [Name])"

i was just wondering if it was possible to run an action that would remove the whole of the
"(Prod. By [Name])" part from the titles.....its just taking too long to run seperate commands for each and every different [Name].



Action #1:
Action type: Replace with regular expression
Field: TITLE
Regular expression: \s+(Prod. By.+$
Replace matches with:

[ ] case-sensitive comparison


Thanks but it does not work, I'll give you an example of a title

Break Something (Prod. By Jim Jonsin)

so wan't to remove "(Prod. By Jim Jonsin)" but i have hundreds of of titles with different names after "Prod. By"



Try updated example, wasn't sure if [ ] were in the tag.




also i assume i can use the same action to remove "feat. artist" from title tags


You must change it a little, don't know how your tags look exactly.
Could be
Regular expression: \s+feat..+$