Help regarding tagging, esp. case usage

Apologies for this, especially because this is a very odd thing to ask, but I've been thinking about doing so for a few days and decided to take the risk.

I'm always changing my mind regarding tagging and how to sort my music, especially since I own a rather eclectic collection and different sources tend to prioritise different methods. I know a lot of what you can do is more down to personal taste, but I'm wondering if anyone might chime in with any advice on what they might do.

I used to take music in whatever case the program I used to rip or rename put it in, then, though I can't remember when or why, I decided to stop using title case and switch to "mixed case" (unsure if that's the correct term) i.e. Born To Run becomes Born to Run.

First of all, was this a good choice on my part or should all music be tagged in title case?

Secondly, I've been adding and editing some unusual albums that employ some odd formatting for tracks. So my question would be, should I respect how a track is listed in the notes, or should I standardise all my tags?

An example I can give (without giving away too much about my questionable taste in music) is that a track could be titled like This Is the Song Name ...THEME OF "CHARACTER" or even THIS IS THE SONG NAME ...theme of "CHARACTER". Should I correct those cases to This Is the Song Name ...Theme of "Character"?

Also, some of these examples script the titles differently on the back of the case versus the linear notes. Which one would be best to go by?

Finally, and this ties into my second question, what should I do in cases of liberal caps/upper-case usage on albums, in the album name, or even every song title? If an album is titled THIS IS THE ALBUM TITLE should I list it that way, or change the case?

As I feared, writing these out makes them seem like very annoying questions. I hope someone can offer some advice and I offer thanks in advance to anyone that dares.

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