Help removing numbers in Title fields

I'm brand new to Mp3tag and have been trying to change the Titles field for some of my files. I've searched Help and the Forum but am a bit overwhelmed. I attached a picture to help illustrate what I'm doing.

What I'd like to do is select all the files and remove the numbers that precede the titles. The filenames also have numbers, so I'm not having any luck with Conversion unless there's something I'm not doing right. If I convert from Filenames to Titles I've still got numbers.

I was reading in Help about Replace and Regular Expressions. Is there a script that could do this? Sorry to be so ignorant, but I can't figure out how to run Replace much less create a script. Could someone please help me out? I'm using Mp3tag 2.60. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: After posting I noticed that in the picture the Genre field says "I'm not in Love" without numbers. It's a long story, but please disregard that. All the Genre fields say the same thing so a Tag-Tag conversion isn't possible either as far as I know.

There sure are many possibilities to cut the digits and the following space from the title.

Here is one of them:
Convert Tag-Tag
Field: TITLE
Format String: $cutleft(%title%,3)

Thos only works if there are 2 leading digits.

If you use the Convert>Filename - Tag
you could enter the following mask:
%track% %title%

To remove leading numbers in TITLE use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression"
Enter as search string: ^\d+
Leave replace string empty.

poster, your method worked, really appreciate it. I've been struggling with this a long time and was starting to think it was going to be impossible. :smiley:

ohrenkino, I'm not finding any way to use "Replace with regular expression." Is it in the Action menu? Tools? How do you do it? I'm sure it's simple I just don't see it. Thanks.

I finally figured it out. Very helpful tool. Thanks.