Help renaming filenames to 001 in album

Hi all

I have a cheap chinese car unit that only plays tracks in alphabetical order, regardless of what folder they are in.

I renamed tracks in one album to 01 trackname.mp3 and then 02 trackname.mp3 etc. And then did the same with the next album. The unit then played through all the 01 tracks in albums and then all the 02 tracks. Really fustrating!

What i want to do is name tracks in a convention that the unit will play in album order. I 'think' if i rename all tracks in one album to 001 and all songs in the next album to 002 etc, this may work. Has anyone else had this issue before? Ive tried all sorts the past few nights as i thought the unit went on date modified or i needed to use fat sorter. It seems a common theme across some media players after a simple search.

I have lots of tracks on a hard drive, and my naming convention of tracks in an album of 001 will essentially limit me to 999 folders worth of tracks. Is that correct?

Im not familiar with mp3 tag and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Are you really sure that your player dows not care about tags and only cares about the filename?

If so, I think you should give the files this naming scheme:
%album% - %track% - %title%

I dont think my player is that smart to be honest. If it did, it would play in a different order i would of thought? I put 3 sample albums on and renamed all tracks as mentioned above in each album. Played first track in first album and it played the first track in second album afterwards and then first in the third then back to second track in first album and so on.

If the player depended on tags, how would i rename tags to reflect this?

Thanks poster for the advice

With @poster filename pattern, you get all files from the album with the letter furthest to the front of the alphabet, then the next album and so on - if the player really sorts by filename and sort alphabetically.
This would then also overcome the 999 track limit.

That would be great as a backup plan. Thanks for confirming.

The 999 limit would effect albums if every track in the first album is named 001 and the second album 002. Woukd that not limit just the number of albums? 999 albums would be enough i think!

Would posters name convention be redundant if another album had a track with an earlier letter? I dont think my unit regards file structure....just names for tracks hence my method?

Would you guys know how to reproduce my tracks to reflect so i could try that and posters method? Any other ideas welcome thanks ohrenkinko

With the mentioned naming scheme you play files in alphabetical order. And because the album-name is in front it puts songs from albums together and because the tracknumber is next it plays the files acording to the tracknumber. The title, which is last, is only for imformation and has no influence on the play-order as long as there are no duplicate albums.

Would you guys know how to reproduce my tracks to reflect so i could try that and posters method? Any other ideas welcome thanks ohrenkinko

My suggestion is based on the requirement that you tags (title, album, track) are filled.
Mark all your files and take the Convert-menue "Tag->Filename":
Format-String: %album% - %track% - %title%

Because there is an immediate preview you can see the result of your format-string.

Thank you Poster. I will give this a go later tonight. Its a pita that i can put in a micro SD or usb HD of a large capacity of multiple genres....and unable to listen in order of album.

Sorry if this question has been asked before. There seems to be a lot of people with issues like this with 3rd party players and devices not playing in album order. I thought originally that it was the order of copying to usb, so i used teracopy. Then used bulkfilerenamer to change the time and date stamp. And even used fatsorter to check through directories. But unit refused and simply played all tracks regardless of album and folder structure starting with track 01 and then the next track named 01 etc

Album names can be very long- in extreme case you will run out of place for anything else

How about then numbering your albums? You would end up with something like

A0098-T13 The Title Of The Song

You could also skip the "A" and "T" markers

0098-13 The Title Of The Song

You would of course have to store the list of such numbered albums

Thanks zerow. Ill try posters idea a little later and see what results turn up. Thought it would be a nice drag and drop as all my mp3s are tagged nicely...obviously not :neutral_face:

Ideally id like to know the album name. If it comes to it i will. I can always plug a mp3 pkayer via jack into unit, but having a nice slot for high capacity micro sd is ideal and less clutter. Going to give posters idea a go now..fingers crossed!

Thank you guys. Spot on. Saved me a right head ache