Help request - Extra substring in filename for specific field

Hello all,

I am a DJ and use the "Composer" field to list a track's remixer. I use MP3TAG to rename all my MP3s with format similar to example below:

Madonna - Living For Love (Stonebridge Remix)
Is there an Action I can create to put "Stonebridge" from the above example in the Composer field?

You can use the "Guess values" (import tag field) action for the field:
%dummy%(%composer% %dummy%)
THis will probably work only for 2-word-strings inside the parenthesis.


After that post, I dug into the help file and was able to solve my own problem.

My solution duplicates the Title in the Composer field and then uses Regular Expression to remove the unwanted text, spaces, characters, etc...

Fine if it worked.
You still could have used the action of the type "Guess value" for COMPOSER and the pattern
%dummy% (%composer %dummy%)
%dummy% (%composer Remix)

It would have been nice to see the regular expression that you used for your solution.