Help system translations ?


??? Is somebody working on a translation of the help pages
and web site ? MP3Tag really worth it ! :smiley:

I understand very few in german, but maybe I could help for french version, and my friend for the english ...



No, I don't know about any productive translation projects for the Mp3tag help.

With best regards,
~ Florian


Ok Florian,

I'll try (little at first) and send you any work I do about that.

Do you use an xml format for documentation source ?

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Hi Sherkin,

okay - that would be fine :slight_smile:

At the moment I'm using these plain html files ...

~ Florian


Are there any other takers?

~ Florian


Hi Florian,
I can translate it in Bulgarian but since I don't know German I could do it only if there's an English Translation available. I can do a Bulgarian translation for the interface also.


Hi egalitarian,

it would be fine, if you'll translate the interface of Mp3tag :slight_smile:

Simply pick up the file mp3tag.lng from Mp3tag's program-directory. There are many ordered strings per line with some placeholders (for filenames, folderpaths, etc.) like %s and %d. Please keep these placeholders. A & character signals the shortcut character via ALT+x.

Happy translating!

~ Florian


Hi Florian,
I've started translating the mp3tag interface but I have a problem.
I want to replace the english lng file just to see if my translation is adequate to the interface and I got an error message saying that I'm using an outdated language file. Can you help me somehow to supress it so I could actualy see my translation in action?

PS. Thanks for the additions you made recently. The new version rox ;D


Hi egalitarian,

yes, I've added a few new strings in the new version - if you want to test your language file, you have to add these new strings to your language file.

If you have problems with this, simply send me your language file - I'll add the new strings for you.

~ Florian

P.S.: Thanks ;D


I could help with the English translation of the help text. I'm a software developer, and have written technical documentation in English. For the translation, I would get help from my friend, who is a native German speaker, and also works in the technical field.


Hi Calin,

sorry - I've overlooked you post ...

Yes, it would be very nice to have a english translation of the help text.

I don't know if sherkin is still working on it - maybe you can ask him by email?

~ Florian


Hi all
I'd like to translate your program into Serbian, as well as the help file. I've translated a few programs before, such as motherboard monitor, shdn, and mp3gain (newest). Can you send me those new strings you've added into GUI part of your program (or the updated file)? Also I'd appreciate for the guy that's doing the english version of the help file to send it to me, when he's done.
I'm working as a interpreter, and I'd like to contribute in this way, since I can't donate in any other way. It's my way of saying thanx for the great program! It really helped me, and it's by far the best one I found. I'd say, it's far more better than many of the programs you have to f**in' pay for! Great job!



It would be great if you can translate the strings used in Mp3tag to serbian. I don't like the idea of translating the whole help file, because it's very hard to maintain the changes in the help file for new versions.

Please see this post for further instructions.

Best regards,
~ Florian