Help! Tag info

Hi - I'm such a noob!
Please be patient :flushed:

I think I have for the most part have the tags how I want them, but when I go to play the song in my player, it looks like this:
2 Unlimited - Do What's Good For Me(Hits Unlimited)

(Hits Unlimited) is the album name - I don't want that there. I can't seem to find the a way to get rid of it.

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

do you use a software- or a hardwareplayer?

in software-players like winamp or windows media player you can go to the option dialog and edit the tag-display.

or you just remove the album-tag from your files.

It's software - KMPlayer.
I'll look around at the settings. But what you said makes sense, because when I put the file on my mp3 - it looks like how I want it to look like. So it must be the settings on the KMPlayer.

Thanks so much!