Help Tools Not Working in Win 8.1

I have been using mp3tag for some years on XP, Vista, and Win 7 (64) machines. Just got a new computer with Win 8.1 on it. Installed mp3 tag successfully. Used it for the first time and it works fine. I forgot one of the formats for a tag conversion name, so I clicked on help (and subsequently also tried F1 and tools menu) and I get a dialog (it looks like it's from the "new" side of windows) which says "no apps are installed to open this type of link (file). Try the app store".

When I navigate to the help files in C:/Program Files/mp3tag/help... etc and double click one, it launches correctly in my default browser (which is chrome for me). The URL is file:///C:/Program Files... etc. So there is code in mp3tag to use this File URL construct. And Chrome obviously accepts it by typing or double clicking on the help html file. But it won't launch from inside the pgm.

I really think this is a Windows problem, but I can't find anything on the internet about it. When I go to look in the associations control panel item, there are lots of URL type protocols, but none that say File. There is an FTP but I know that's different. I know you aren't Windows Support, but do you know how to fix this? Or is mp3tag not compatible with Windows 8.1? The rest of it seems to work for what I do.

I also found something about Chrome not letting one do the File url from an https: site, but this is not across the internet. This is local. AND it works on my Win 7 and Win xp machines with the same version of mp3tag and using Chrome as the browser. So the culprit appears to be Win 8.1.

I know this is long, but I tried to be as concise as possible and tell you all the things I DID try and the things I suspect it ISN'T, and why.

I can get around the problem by navigating to the help files and double clicking, but it's not very elegant. If there's a little change that could keep Win 8.1 happy, perhaps it would be worth it.

Thanks very much.

Mp3Tag is a 32 Bit program and should not have been installed in the folder C:\Program Files\Mp3Tag but in the folder C:\Program Files (X86)\Mp3tag on a 64 Bit system.

So is this a typo or how did mp3tag get there?
Did you really install mp3tag or did you just copy it?

I am using Windows 8.1 too and I have no problem starting the help-file and my mp3tag was installed in C:\Program Files (x86) with the setup routine.

Yes, I used the installer, and indeed, it did install into Program Files(x86). I didn't try to do any tricks. I installed using the same executable I installed on the other machines, and I always take all the defaults for locations, etc.

I'm clueless.


As you are using Chrome, did you select chrome as a default program in Windows?

(Control panel - Default programs)

Yes to all.

When I double click on the help file from the folder, it launches Chrome and the help is there.

I am an IT guy, but I am NOT a bits and bytes guy... I know enough to make me dangerous. But when I looked in the control panel for file/protocol associations, there were lots of "Protocols" listed at the bottom, like http, ftp, even "ebay", bing, etc etc. "File" was not in the list. THrough my googling and snooping, I noted that most of those protocols are defined in the reigstry in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. If I look at http, for example, there are lots of things underneath that structure, with references to Chrome, default icon, shell open command, etc. For the FILE entry, it says it is a URL Protocol, but there's no reference to Chrome.

There IS, however, a reference to a Norton Antivirus Context Menu Handler. Just a thought... could NAV be "blocking" this somehow? I have the same NAV running on all machines, and like I keep coming back to, it works fine everywhere else. The ONLY difference between these machines is that this one is win 8.1 (and it's an HP brand where the rest are Dells).

I'm not about to go hacking the registry just to try stuff... that's way too dangerous for my skill level. But I can look around.

Thanks again. I'm becoming more convinced that this is not an mp3tag issue, but if you can help solve it, I'm grateful for the help.

I don't think it's NOrton. I looked at the XP system registry and the same things are there as mentioned above.

As another experiment, I launched Audacity, another free program that I know has the "help" files installed locally.

IT WORKS! It launches the help file in Chrome.

Here are the 2 URLS from the audacity help and the mp3tag help (the mp3tag one launched by double clicking on the help file)



The structures are the same. I'm totally confused now. Why would it work in Audacity and not in Mp3tag?

I guess my next stop is to uninstall mp3tag and reinstall. Should I get a "fresh" copy off the website? The one I have is 2.58, which is the most recent I think. ANd it runs on other machines. I used the same .exe file. mp3tagv258setup.exe


Check the permissions to the files and directories.

Good idea. As administrator, I and several other things (SYSTEM, OWNER, etc) all had full control. I gave ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES (whoever that is) full control to everything in the Program Files (x86)/mp3tag folder, but it didn't work (even after stopping and restarting the pgm). Prior to that, I also uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled 2.58. No joy.

I'm totally stumped. I've probably spent more time trying to figure this out than the TOTAL time I will EVER spend navigating to the help files and launching them by hand, but it still bugs me.

After having Audacity work just fine, I'm less suspect of the File URL Protocol and the registry, as the audacity helps use exactly the same url structure, just navigate to a different folder. I just checked and they have the same permissions as the mp3tag folders, BEFORE I added full control to the mp3tag ones.

Anyway, it's still a mystery. I'd like to solve it, but as I said, there is a workaround and I still like and use the product. I just don't want this to beat me... it's a pride thing now! :wink: But I'll try any more ideas out there. Thanks.

I have a dark remembrance that something simular happened to me some time ago with another program. I think I solved it with switching the default program to Internet Explorer and later switching back to chrome. I don't mean changing and configuring the indidividual file-extenssions but just klick on the activation of the default program. You can do this in the charms menue or in control panel.

Give it a try if you did not do this already.

Hey Poster,

Trust your Dark Side... it worked!

Switched to IE and it worked fine. Then switched back to Chrome and it continued to work.

Interestingly enough, the "FILE" Protocol is not listed in either Chrome or IE lists in the "assign defaults" control panel setting, but it certainly does work.

Thanks again. Case closed.