Help using the Tag - Filename tool

I'm trying to sort my filenames by track number in a specific format. I want to sort by the track name then the title like so:

0%track%. %title% (06. Capital G (Epworth Phones).mp3)

The issue I'm having is that I add my tracks in this format:

%track%/TOTAL. eg: (6/14)

When I try to apply the sorting method it adds 0%track%/TOTAL. so I end up with file names like this:

0614. Capital G (Epworth Phones).mp3

0614 is technically 06/14 because forward slashes are not allowed in filenames. I only want the number before the slash to be added to the filename, what syntax is needed to achieve this?

To convert strings to numbers and add zeros as padding, use
So, this kind of format string

would become obsolete.

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Worked exactly as I wanted, thank you! I also added a decimal to match the intended format:

$num(%track%,2). %title%

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